Know Me

I don't need to be pretty to draw funny comics


My name is Luís Moreira and i’m an Illustrator & Cartoonist.

With an incredible passion for everything that as to do with cartoon, illustration and animation, i constantly work in order to improve my skill and increase my knowledge.

Bachelors degree in multimedia communication tecnologies in ESCOLA SUPERIOR DE MUSICA E ARTES DO ESPECTÀCULO.


First job was at the web design company Webcomum.

Second job was as letterer and assistant producer for Miguel Montenegro the creator of Psychoducks.

Third Job Graphic designer , illustrator and animator for BCN Lda

Forth Job Graphic designer , illustrator and animator for Vitrinemedia

Current Job Professional Illustrator at Uphold inc.

Age 26


There is a constant improvement of technic in every developed project.

I Love drawing and inking with traditional tools such as a kolinsky Sable Brush nº7, and Nibs

I use Procreate, Affinity Designer and Photoshop  to draw digital comic art and illustration artwork.

Illustrator and Affinity Designer for Vector Illustration and Logo Design

Animate Pro 2 for frame-by-frame  and puppet animation

and After Effects for icon animation and special effects

I also am discovering Clip Studio Paint which seem to be excellent  work tools.

Want my Résumé?

Take it , and feel free to contact ^^


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